Whilst our Church building may be closed at the moment for services, it’s not going unused; there are children here most days enjoying the space, peace and surroundings. One of the things they have enjoyed is art, and we have put some of our work in and on the wall along the Church lane. They have even featured in the local paper! Here are just a few examples;

Eskdale and Liddesdale Advetiser

Please click on the link for the newest edition of Canonbie Chronicles. For the first time, we have included links to resources available. If you would like any more information or have any feedback, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Summer 2020 Canonbie Chronicles

“The coronavirus crisis is still evolving, and we don’t yet know how long it will continue, or what the overall impact will be. But we do know that our work has never been more critical than today. Our decisive actions and contributions now, surely will make the difference in the lives of producers and their families, preserve economic activity, and strengthen our ties to one another, and between producers and shoppers. Please stay safe and healthy. Wash your hands. Keep apart, but stay united.” #FairtradeTogether


We can be part of making the difference by continuing to buy fairly traded products whenever we can. The church still has stocks of its regular products such as ground coffee (Machu Pichu and Kilimanjaro), loose leaf tea and teabags, hot chocolate, cocoa, rice and some sugar. If you let me (on 71725) or Lois (on 71386) know what you’d like we can organise getting it to you.

You can also by food, craft and household items directly from Traidcraft online shop at https://www.traidcraftshop.co.uk/ or of course from our local coop.


A Prayer: Defend the rights of the poor


God of justice, God of the poor

Grant us energy, resolve and perspective

to challenge the injustice we see before us.


Speak out with fairness

and make your views heard,

Defend the rights of the poor

We will


Speak out for those who cannot speak

Defend the rights of the poor

We will


Speak out on behalf of the silenced and voiceless

Defend the rights of the poor

We will


In the presence of God, in the light of the world, we commit ourselves to this task:


We will defend the rights of the poor.

We will speak out,

We will speak out.




There are some great resources on the internet for children, follow the link for one which I particularly like https://www.authenticmedia.co.uk/images/Self%20Isolation%20Resources%20Downloads.pdf

Click to access life-and-work-may-2020.pdf


I have been accessing various resources online and one which I have particularly enjoyed is Daily Bread. Quite a few of their publications are free to access, so pop over and have a look. The above, ‘Hope in hard times’ is worth a read.

A message from our previous minister, Rev Steve Fulcher, now in Southend, Kintyre. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=9BgU5zqSGsU

In these difficult times, when all gatherings of people connected with the Church will cease, including Sunday worship, we need to rethink how we stay in touch, and consider what the Church can offer. From Thursday next week the church will be open from 10am-12noon for private prayer and reflection; prayer and Bible study resources will be available.

You are asked to wash your hands upon entry and to maintain a safe distance from other people who may be there. If you need to talk to someone, one of the elders will be in attendance when the church is open.

We will also be posting links on the website and on our Facebook page to online resources such as sermons and worship.

Let’s start with a link to Rend Collective, a Northern Irish group, and a session of their socially distant worship, which they will be conducting weekly. Follow the link to YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xVIGO6_-2Lw