Want to know more about red squirrel conservation in our area? Then come along to the Café on Tuesday 24th September at 7pm!

We will be holding a holiday club in Canonbie Church from Wedneday 14th – Friday 16th August, from 10am until 12.30pm


All primary school children are welcome. To register please complete a form and return it to Ruth, Leoniek or Donna, or bring the form along on the first morning of the holiday club.

This year at the General Assembly proposals were made and approved to radically reappraise the way the Church of Scotland works. Click on the link below to read all about it.


Congratulations to Andrew and Gillian Elliot married Saturday 15 June 1pm in Canonbie Church where the bride was baptised as a baby. All our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families and friends as their wedding celebration continues today.

Will take place after the morning service on Sunday 16th June. All are welcome.

Congratulations to Laura and Cameron the new Mr and Mrs Tait. Married in Canonbie Church today, 1st June 2019 at 1pm by Locum Minister Pauline Steenbergen. The organist was Donald Scott and the piper Craig Irving. Elder on duty was Ruth Gilbert.

Thankfully the rain waited until after the ceremony! God’s love and blessing on this couple.

We are holding a mini- conference this coming Saturday about the life and works of George MacDonald. Come along from 10am to 12pm for what promises to be an inspiration.