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Youth group leave Ekwendeni

The youth group left Ekwendeni last night and all being well will be back in the UK this evening. If they’re not too tired, and technology permitting, they hope to be presenting some pictures of their time in Malawi at worship tomorrow.


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Sunday worship 14/7/13

This morning Liz gave out the intimations at Canonbie, and referred to this site to see what the Youth Group are up to, meanwhile I presume the Youth Group were having lunch having worshipped in the church pictured here at Ekwendeni Station this morning.
Andrew Morton led worship at Canonbie this morning, and while his sermon on loving thy neighbour isn’t yet on his website I’m sure he’ll load it at some point soon – here’s the link – http://andrewmorton.net/Andy_Morton/CUL_Services/CUL_Services.html

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Relaxing break at the lake

This is where the youth group were staying Friday and Saturday. Niamh is an excellent boat woman, proven when they went out on the blue boat and a couple of canoes for a couple of hours.
They spent Friday night in a surprisingly cosy dorm built of wood and bamboo into the hillside and supported on stilts, and enjoyed a couple of delicious meals.
On Saturday evening they returned to Ekwendeni Station.

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End of first week in Malawi

Report from Lois –
What a week it has been. We have seen so much, been to so many places and met literally hundreds of people. It’s been exciting and great fun. We have played games, done some drama, craft, painted, played netball and football, learned how to make a football the Malawian way and so much more!
We are having a rest now at Lake Malawi and the girls have snorkelled this afternoon. Tomorrow we are planning on a canoe ride around the bay and then later it’s back to Ekwendeni.

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Relay races at Emanzinyeni

Another busy day in Malawi. 5am start with a walk to see the sunrise, trip on an ox cart. Nursery school visit in the morning, a bit of relaxation and lunch at Mzuzu, then games at Emanzinyeni school in the afternoon. CUPYG forte is NOT netball 😉 the schoolchildren won 7-0! Is this picture deceiving or did they do better in the relay races?! We look forward to finding out on their return to the UK. Glad to see/read that they are all having a great time.

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Chissangano School 8th July 2013

The youth group have been helping a group from Northern Ireland to run a bible group today. Emma helped Ruth on the football field play ball games with some older girls from the school. The whole group is looking forward to returning tomorrow, and the girls have been rehearsing a drama on the Prodigal Son.

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Rev Danny Gibb’s ministry in Canonbie today was based on the reading from Luke’s Gospel Chapter 10 Verses 1-11, and focused on the call to Mission. I’m sure he did write it with Canonbie in mind, but if he didn’t it couldn’t have been more appropriate as we received an update from the Youth Group in Ekwendeni – they’ve had a very busy, tiring day. Worship at 8, some socialising, a tour of the Mission Station, Girls Brigade, and learning more and more about everything that goes on at Ekwendeni. They’ve spent the evening planning their Mission work – a bible club with a group from Northern Ireland, in a village called Chissangano. 

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