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Film Night!

MovieNight Picture from Internet

It’s film night again!

This coming Saturday, 23rd January 2016 at 6.30pm in Canonbie Church.

Come along for a great evening, bring your own snacks and drinks, and watch a great film!

(for licencing reasons we cannot advertise what film will be showing, however, if you would like to know, contact Anthony for details …)

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Goose sense!

We had an interesting sermon this morning in a very snowy Canonbie, given by Sue Jackson of Annan. She told us about the common sense that geese display when they fly in a V formation, how the airflow over the geese’s wings helps those behind, that the leader’s position is shared, as that is the most strenuous, how if a goose drops out of formation, others will follow to give aid. Also, that the geese at the back of the formation will ‘honk’ their encouragement to those at the front. Sue asked us to compare the V formation of the geese to how we live our lives. What kind of ‘honking’ are we doing?

Here is an interesting article found on the web – well worth a read!



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Messy Church!

Messy Church has come to Canonbie!


messy church

Next Saturday, 16th January 2016, from 4-6pm, all children and families are invited to the first Messy Church being held here in Canonbie. Everyone is welcome for fun, games, crafts, singing, stories and food! Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Registration form are available to download here messy_registration_form or can be completed on Saturday at the Church.

For more information please contact Ruth Foster or Lois Lane.

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