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Hello all, this is just a reminder that the Bible Study / Fellowship group will be meeting again after our summer break. 

See you all at 7.30pm on Monday, 2nd September, at Mozie Law, Canonbie!

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Thank you to everyone yesterday who came along to Church to listen to the Youth Group relate some of their experiences in Malawi in July.

Each one of the girls who went gave a brief presentation on one area of the trip or something that had made an impression on them.

Lucy talked about visiting the village of a girl at boarding school hoping to go on to study medicine. Lizzie gave us an overall picture of her first impressions of Malawi and her abiding memories, Niamh talked about going with a team from the hospital on an under 5 health and immunisation clinic.  Alice shared with us her enjoyment of spending time in a rural school, Chissangano, and the fun we had there doing crafts, sports etc. Emma involved everyone in her presentation, as she had all the other girls demonstrating some of the games we learnt from the Malawians, such as champion and fly! and Hannah talked about spending time with similar age Malawian girls at school and doing their nursing training, and sharing with them their hopes and aspirations for life.

There will be a display of photos on the notice board in the church over the next few weeks, please have a look and ask the girls questions about the photos, they will be more than happy to talk about Malawi!

Here are just a few pictures . . .

agnes and teddies

We took out with us amongst other things, nearly 150 knitted teddies, which we gave to Agnes Mughoho, who runs a community nursery, for her to distribute to the children.

nursery photo 3

This is the community nursery, where we spent a day painting various pictures on the walls. Here is Lizzie and a little girl called Love helping her!

nursery painted

and when we had finished.

clinic singing

The under 5 mobile health and immunisation clinic. The health care assistants are teaching the mothers about staying healthy and looking after their babies.

clinic jumper

a young mum with her little boy, wearing a jumper sent out from the Border Kirk in Carlisle.

baby richard

and a new mum in the Maternity Ward at Ekwendeni hospital with her baby Richard, just a few hours old, wearing hat and booties knitted by the ladies of Eaglesfield.

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Kindled Fire

Once again this morning Andy Morton challenged us about standing up for what we believe in, doing what is right and not following the crowd, whilst at the same time not falling out with those who hold different opinions! Thank you Andy, we are enjoying your sermons!Kindled Fire

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Grant us faith

Andy’s sermon this morning called on us to act upon our faith, using our heads and hearts. God has given us all amazing gifts for us to use for the benefit of others, our hands, hearts, minds, voices. Just as we have faith in God so He has faith in us to do his work in the world today.
A full script of Andy’s sermon can be read here

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