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money plants

There’s never been a better time to donate to Traidcraft Exchange! Any donations to their Hidden Entrepreneur appeal will be DOUBLED by the UK Government until 11th April. Call 0191 497 6445 or go to www.traidcraft.org.uk/donate

Traidcraft Exchange is the charity arm of Traidcraft plc from whom we buy our stock. The company is founded on Christian principles and they seek to live out the Christian faith through their mission to fight poverty through trade.

Their activities also include overseas development programmes, trade policy, campaigns and trade justice. Hidden Entrepreneur is one of their overseas development programmes. Traidcraft’s mission is to fight poverty through trade, practising and promoting approaches to trade that help people in developing countries to transform their lives. Traidcraft’s vision is a world freed from the scandal of poverty, where trade is just, and people and communities can flourish.

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