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Samaritans helpline

It’s that time of year where it all gets too much for some. Christmas is a lot of pressure to be perfect, happy gorgeous families in matching pj’s. No one is having a drunken row or feeling lonely on the adverts.

The Samaritans, have a free number – 116 123 (UK). A simple copy and paste might save someone’s life. Don’t suffer in silence.

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Stuart Campbell made a public profession of his faith on Sunday morning in front of God and Canonbie congregation, and by doing so became a member of Canonbie Church.

The promises he (and the congregation) made are worth thinking about.

Do we promise to befriend, love, support and pray for each other? Easily said, harder perhaps to follow through, but it is what Christ calls us to do, to love one another.

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Blue Christmas

Sunday 23rd December 2018 at 10am Liddesdale Parish Church and 11.30am Canonbie United Parish Church. All ages welcome.

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Reverse Advent


An advent prayer:
You want the best for each one of us, but we know that so many people still live lives that are hard and careworn.
We remember all of those who labour in the fields or toil in factories to provide us with the food and other products which we eat and enjoy. We think of those who grow cocoa but have never tasted chocolate, of those who fill baskets with their harvest but cannot afford to eat themselves.
From hungry to well fed.
From sorrow to laughter.
From poverty to plentiful.
From fair to flourishing.
We pray for change.

This morning Kirsteen invited us, the congregation at Canonbie,
if we would take part in a reverse advent calendar event. Reverse advent calendars are not a new idea, other groups and organisations have done this before, by collecting food to be donated to a local food bank or or clothes to a charity.
Today we’re asking you to support Traidcraft Exchange through prayer, and if you feel able, by giving.
The idea is you take a Christmas sock from Church, or use one of your own, and pin or peg it somewhere in the house, like you would a stocking.
Then every day we ask that you pop a coin in the sock and think of and pray for a producer as you do so.
It could be the person who picked the leaves that made your tea, the farmer who harvested the cocoa that is in the chocolate you ate or the one who grew the sugar you sprinkled on your cereal.
A prayer list, including products sold by Traidcraft and companies they work with, is available if you would like one. Do take a look at the prayer list even if you don’t feel able, or inspired, to collect coins.
We will collect in the mini-stocking socks after Christmas and send the money to work for a fairer world by sending it to Traidcraft Exchange.

To access the list of advent prayers please click here – Reverse Advent.

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We do all sorts of activities on Thursday mornings, from playing Bananagrams to Yoga, painting our nails to discussing the previous Sunday’s sermon. Today, however, just a couple of days before Stir Up Sunday, we made Christmas puddings.

All members of the group joined in, including our youngest who delighted in weighing, measuring and stirring.

If anyone is interested in coming along, we meet at 10.30am in the Café every Thursday.

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Baptism Service

This morning we all celebrated with Cora as she was baptised by our locum minister Rev Pauline Steenbergen. Cora had chosen some of her favourite hymns so we had resounding renditions of ‘10,000 reasons’ by Matt Redman, Stuart Townend’s ‘In Christ Alone’ along with some old faithfuls such as ‘How great thou art’ and ‘What a friend we have in Jesus’.

It was an uplifting and lovely service enjoyed by all.

Afterwards many of Cora’s family and friends gathered for lunch and enjoyed each other’s company!

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Yesterday our service at Canonbie Church was led by our very own Rev Wendy Le Huray. Her theme was ‘Trees’ and she expounded on Luke chapter 19 where Zacchaeus climbed a fig tree in order to be able to see Jesus. It was a lovely and lively service, we sang some great hymns and songs, and the children participated, waving colourful flags during the singing.

Wendy drew our attention to the correlation between how trees take in carbon dioxide and transform this into oxygen, in the same way that Jesus, when he sacrificed his life for mankind, took our sin and gave us forgiveness in its place.

Wendy has been part of our congregation on and off for many years, and has been an extremely valued friend. She and her husband John are heading for pastures new, possibly in Guernsey or Exeter, down in the South West anyway. Wendy will be much missed but she goes with our prayers and good wishes.

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