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The latest copy of the Chronicles is now available 19 Winter 1314 Public

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The fourth and final Sunday in Advent was a busy day in Canonbie Church.

4th sunday candles


The Sunday School, led by Daan van Belzen, put on a shadow puppet show of the story of the Nativity, which was very well received, a new and interesting way of telling the story of Jesus birth.

Nativity Puppet show


Andrew Morton then went on to preach on the theme of Love Came Down.

We had a brief break and then at 14.30 was the Matinee of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ with mince pies and sherry.

There will be a service at 8pm tomorrow Christmas Eve which will be led by Andrew Morton, and again at 10am on Christmas Day morning, and that service will be led by the Elders.

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Don’t forget that tomorrow, Sunday 22nd December, is the Nativity Service at 11.30am and the Matinee showing of It’s A Wonderful Life at 2.30pm

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3rd Sunday in Advent


3 candles


Our service this morning, the third in Advent, was taken by our Interim Moderator,  Andrew Morton, and the theme of his message was  When The Time Comes

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First Sunday in Advent



This morning Canonbie Church welcomed the Reverend Adam Dillon from Moffat, who conducted communion and the christening of Sam William Ellwood.

It is also the first Sunday in Advent, which was the theme of Adam’s sermon: Advent is God’s time. He went on to talk about what kind of language we use when referring to time. Although we all experience time equally, there are those with not enough time and those with too much time, the time poor and the time rich, the powerful or the powerless.

The powerful view time as something they can control as they would a commodity, buying and spending time, quality time, investing time, putting time aside, time is money. Whereas the powerless have an abundance of time, more supply than demand, they waste time, have time on their hands, kill time.  However, God is the one who gives us time, and it is His. If time is our friend then we can use it to make the world a better place, we can use time to spend time with the people around us, both friends and family, and also those we might find more challenging. God gives us the opportunity to discover that we have nothing to fear. So this Advent remember this, God has given us time, so that we can use it for His good.

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