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At the moment the Bible Study group / Fellowship are looking at Saints in Service and the next study will be on the life of Timothy – stimulus for the faint-hearted.  Some of the passages to read are Acts 16, Phillipians 2, I Corinthians 16, 2 Timothy 1 and 2. The next meeting is Monday 16th September at Mozie Law.


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there will be no Bible Study / Fellowship this Monday 9th September as there is a clash with the Congregational Board / Kirk Session



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Look at Me!

was the title of the sermon given this morning by our Interim Moderator Andrew Morton.

He told us the story of  horville sash and his journey to greatness.

We have all sinned, all fallen short of what God wants, but that does not mean that God does not use us, work through us, as long as we are willing servants.

Thank you once again Andrew for such a great sermon, for challenging us to think of others and not just ourselves.

When the complete sermon is available it will be published here – Look at Me!

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